Vitalik Buterin and Indian yogi Sadhguru discuss tech, identity and more

Vitalik Buterin and Indian yogi Sadhguru discuss tech, identity and more

Emerging technologies such as blockchain are ushering in a new era of interactions between humans and the digital world. This is an evolving topic of conversation for thought leaders both inside and outside of the industry who are trying to predict how such technologies will prompt a change in the human experience. 

On April 25, the reState Foundation hosted a virtual talk between the co-founder and inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, and the founder of the Isha Foundation, the Indian mystic Sadhguru, to discuss the intersection of technology and human consciousness. 

reState Foundation, Sadhguru and Vitalik Buterin in conversation. Source: YouTube, reState Foundation

Buterin opened the conversation by highlighting that the core of blockchain technology is about “human coordination and interaction” with one another. He said:

“[Blockchain] is about helping different groups of people come together to be able to trust each other more, to collaborate across larger distances on many different kinds of projects.”

The talk promptly continued by pointing out a growing gap between the rate of technological evolution and the progression of human ethical and consciousness development, with the latter being left behind.


According to the Sadhguru, much of this blockage on the part of humans comes from the need to identify with a group. The yogi said this need for self-identification, therefore, surrenders intelligence over “protecting and defending the identity” of that group.

Growing gap of technology development and human consciousness development. Source: YouTube, reState

However, Buterin highlighted that new emerging tech actually makes it easier for people to recognize complicated identities and connect with one another on common ground. “Ultimately every technology is a social technology in some way,” he said.

“These are tools to help groups of people organize. There are tools to help people identify things that they value in common.”

He continued to say that while emerging technologies will not solve all problems of users, agreements and disagreements in the space have the potential to result in “realized cooperation” and learning opportunities. “I think those are the kinds of ideas that I know a lot of people in Ethereum and in those related communities really care about,” he said.

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As these new technologies continue to take precedence in the lives of users and in systems around the world, Sadhguru encouraged listeners to be mindful that humans are the “highest level of technology” and by doing so we can improve the way we interact with technologies.

“Technology is not just something humans merely create; it is an extension of our consciousness. As we elevate our consciousness, our technology will automatically follow.”

Both speakers pointed to proper usage of technologies like blockchain as the key to its implementation as a tool for greater understanding and raising human consciousness. 

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