The Web’s Largest Play-to-Earn Crypto Arcade: Metacade

The Web’s Largest Play-to-Earn Crypto Arcade: Metacade

Investors Rush to Back Token Presale Event Before it Sells Out.

Little excites crypto investors more than a new project building itself a bright future. It provides a rich opportunity for them to get involved with a new coin during a presale to potentially make enormous dividends as the coin realizes its future.

One such project that’s attracted a rush of investors to back its presale before it sells out is a play-to-earn (P2E) online gaming platform, Metacade, which has raised $14.2m in just 18 weeks ahead of the end of its ICO.

Here’s why investors are falling over each other to get hold of MCADE tokens before the presale event sells out.


Metacade is a brand-new online gaming platform aiming to build the world’s largest virtual gaming arcade. Alongside its vast library of exciting titles, gamers can benefit from one of the most advanced and complete play-to-earn engines. The result will be one of the GameFi sectors leading gaming communities.

The platform’s P2E rewards scheme is one of Metacade’s greatest selling points, yet it only makes up one part of one of the most comprehensive reward systems available in the crypto world. For instance, Metacade’s Create2Earn scheme rewards community users for each social interaction with the hub. Each interaction brings a crypto reward, from game reviews, to sharing alpha, participating in live chats and sub-forums to posting tips and tricks that can help peers progress in games.

This novel approach to building a community in the online gaming world looks set to catapult Metacade to the forefront of the P2E gaming revolution and redefine what players expect from GameFi platforms.

Indeed, with Metacade aiming to bring a whole new multi-game experience to blockchain gaming, its platform is already set apart from most GameFi titles that rely on a single title or repetitive gameplay experience to attract fans. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the MCADE presale event has attracted such ferocious interest and sold out so quickly.

How does MCADE work?

The native MCADE token provides the stimulus upon which the entire Metacade ecosystem runs. As well as powering the rewards engine, MCADE serves as the medium of exchange for everything on the platform. This includes buying Metacade merchandise and, more importantly for gamers, unlocking exclusive pay-to-play titles.

While the actual value of MCADE can be found in the significant levels of inbuilt utility, MCADE holders can also use the coin staking scheme, Compete2Earn, to top-up passive income levels with their stake and gain entry into lucrative online gaming tournaments and prize draws.

Aside from the P2E capabilities provided on the gaming side of Metacade’s platform, arguably their most exciting feature is provided by the pioneering Metagrants program. Game developers are encouraged to submit ideas for new games. Each application goes into a pool, which is presented to the community of MCADE members and put to a vote. The most popular ideas are awarded a crypto grant from Metacade’s central treasury wallet to support the venture and bring the best, most cutting-edge new titles exclusively to Metacade.

The benefits of Metagrants are multi-faceted and wide-ranging. The game players’ community is empowered to control which games go into production, forming part of the platform’s transition towards a fully-fledged DAO and MCADE’s genesis towards becoming a governance token. Meanwhile, developers can gain essential experience working in the Web3 arena that sets them up to take advantage of the rich career opportunities presented to them via the Work2Earn scheme that is set to launch in 2024.

While the internal benefits to Metacade’s development from Metagrants are readily apparent, the wider Web3 community benefits from gaining access to the hottest new talent filling vacancies, and the online gaming sector will continue to innovate rapidly to keep up with Metacade’s ever-evolving platform.

MCADE in 2023: Can it break $1?

It’s clear to see why Metacade’s aggressive project plan and vast potential continue to capture the imagination of investors. The pace at which the presale is selling out has led analysts and online pundits to wonder just how far MCADE can go once the presale ends.

With the enormous built-in utility, a transition to becoming a governance token already underway, strong tokenomics, and a thriving white paper tying everything together, expectations are that with a fair wind and continuing easing of crypto markets, MCADE could potentially raise in 2023.

Is MCADE a wise investment?

The MCADE presale event is now in its final round. The last few tokens are still available for the bullish investor to get hold of at the discounted price of $0.020 and reap potentially enormous rewards after the coin is listed on crypto exchanges. However, time is running out.

With a rich project plan, significant early investor confidence, and the backing of a fully certified and secure platform from which to launch, Metacade looks set to become a market leader in P2E online gaming over the coming months and years, providing long-term investors with enormous opportunities to gain handsome rewards.

You can participate in the Metacade final stage presale here.


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