Tamadoge Skyrockets 80% Ahead of Exchanges Listing and App Release

Tamadoge Skyrockets 80% Ahead of Exchanges Listing and App Release

Tamadoge, a play-to-earn (P2E) meme crypto, witnesses an 80% surge, dominating the weekly top gainers’ chart on CoinGecko.

This price boost is fueled by the anticipation of a revelation on April 24 regarding TAMA’s listing on one of the top 5 CEXs on April 27.

Rumors of Binance being a contender have positively influenced market sentiment. However, it could also be Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, or Bybit. Regardless, any of these exchange listings will trigger a significant price hike.

While listing any mentioned CEX will propel the coin’s value, it’s just the beginning of a string of good news for the ‘Tamaverse.’


Users following the “buy the rumor, sell the news” strategy may miss out, as Tamadoge plans to release a series of market-impacting news throughout the summer.

Two more top-tier exchange listings to follow after April 24th

Insiders have revealed that two additional leading exchanges will accompany the one that will be disclosed on April 24. These revelations, however, are expected in June & July.

This information has sparked curiosity about what’s in store for May – could it be the launch of the app? Though the team has not provided official specifics, these elements drive the price acceleration to sustain the coin’s upward movement in the coming months.

Should the series of forthcoming announcements correspond with the timeline discussed here, and the ongoing price trend continues, Tamadoge can potentially exceed its previous ATH record of $0.19.

High-net-worth investors or whales are increasingly flocking to TAMA for a share of its price surge. A single affluent buyer invested $32,000 in Tamadoge, purchasing 1,458,567 TAMA, as evidenced by the buy order tracked by the bot in Tamadoge’s Telegram group.

The fear of missing out on Tamadoge spreads rapidly throughout the crypto community. With only three days remaining until the CEX revelation, trading volumes and prices are experiencing exponential growth.

Fibonacci Retracement Points to a Potential Bullish Trend

Seasoned Tamadoge investors, who have endured the coin’s drastic value shifts from its lowest to highest points and back, hold a justifiable positive outlook for a potential peak.

If any weight is given to the Fibonacci retracement anchor points, plotted from the all-time low to the ATH, the opportunity to achieve the ATH is again within reach.

Fibonacci retracement lines dissect price movements into individual levels, expressed as percentages of the span between the two points.

The chart illustrates that the most commonly encountered retracement levels are 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. Although the 50% (0.50) retracement level can sometimes mislead, the other two levels align reasonably well with what might become vital forthcoming resistance points.

Should TAMA’s Price Exceed $0.05, it Could Match its ATH Levels

The 78.6% level is above the previously identified resistance zones (purple). Surpassing $0.05 would indicate an extension of the ongoing breakout, assuming the Fibonacci retracement proves precise.

With the retracement levels now known, they can serve as potential support or resistance levels. If the coin’s price retraces to one of these levels and subsequently rebounds, it may imply that the trend will continue.

On the other hand, a price penetration through a retracement level might signal a reversal. Gaining a foothold in the newly acquired territory and maintaining it until the decisive move beyond the $0.05 mark will provide greater clarity.

TAMA enthusiasts should avoid excessively emphasizing any single technical analysis tool or indicator. Thus, robust indicators like the MACD and RSI are necessary to corroborate our Fibonacci retracement assessment, as the former presents a buy signal while the latter bolsters our bullish outlook.

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Glimpses of What Might Unfold in May

Despite the team’s reluctance to disclose exact product launch dates, the roadmap indicates the app’s ongoing development. Once completed, both mobile devices and desktop computers will have access to arcade games.

The Tamadoge Pet Shop is also marked as “in progress.” According to the team, the community will gain better insight into what users can expect in May when these roadmap items shift to the “near completion” category.

Tamadoge’s CEO, Jon Bishop, also a seasoned video game industry expert, is steering the company toward the launch of the comprehensive AR Tamaverse app by year-end.

As each goal is successfully achieved, the community’s confidence in the project’s ongoing progress strengthens, and skeptics are silenced.

TAMA can be acquired on 15 CEXs, including one of the top 10 crypto exchanges OKX and leading DEX Uniswap.

Tamadoge, a P2E gaming platform, distinguishes itself from other meme coins with its practical and solution-oriented approach.

Rather than solely capitalizing on viral appeal (though it possesses plenty), Tamadoge has devoted itself to developing its game. Thus far, Tamadoge has launched five arcade games.

Community critics unanimously reaffirm that the games are engaging and enjoyable. Market observers predict that Tamadoge’s price will increase as it prepares for its listing.

Tamadoge Lays the Groundwork to Rival the Best

Approximately 22,000 individuals have visited the Tamadoge games arcade, even before the games are adapted for mobile devices.

In the world of cryptocurrency games, this figure is astounding, surpassing the combined user bases of both The Sandbox and Decentraland.

As per DappRadar, Decentraland, valued at $1.2 billion, has attracted 4,550 unique active wallets in the past 30 days.

Another leading billion-dollar market cap project, The Sandbox, has gathered 6,730 unique active wallets in the last 30 days.

In his inaugural video update, community manager Tom Harper also discussed the ease with which users can sign up to play the arcade games following a recent upgrade.

Harper contended that introducing the sign-up process for new users was the most crucial achievement for Tamadoge thus far.

He mentioned how they are paving a path to create a system that removes obstacles for web3 gamers. The Tamaverse is now accessible to anyone with an email address.

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