DigiToads Presale Continues To Grow

DigiToads Presale Continues To Grow As It Storms Past $405k Raised Mark

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatile nature and potential for massive returns. However, it’s also notorious for the risks of investing in newly released projects. As such, identifying a promising project during its presale phase can lead to significant gains if executed correctly. One such project that has caught the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike is DigiToads.

Introducing DigiToads: Best Crypto Of 2023?

DigiToads is a unique Ethereum-based token that combines play-to-earn features with meme coins. The project offers its custom and entertaining Web3 game, where players train Toad-NFT pets, upgrade their capabilities and participate in combat. 

The top 25% of players on the leaderboard are rewarded handsomely with 50% of the prize funds raised from in-game asset purchases. Additionally, the project distributes 10% of the prize fund to the rest of the players, encouraging community members and facilitating their long-term commitment to the project. 

DigiToads’ doxxed team boasts a broad knowledge and experience in the blockchain and DeFi industry, and their professionalism is easily reflected in the project’s development. Smart contracts of DigiToads have already acquired audit, making one of the most secure and trusted ICOs available on the current crypto market.


DigiToads Presale

The presale phase is crucial for investors to grab the tokens before the launch, as it offers a substantial discount compared to the launch price. Additionally, investing in presale provides a head start for investors, allowing them to maximize profits when the token is listed on major exchanges.

Speaking of DigiToads, investing during its presale phase offers an excellent opportunity for significant returns, with the launch price scheduled to be $0.055, meaning prices will grow by 450%. The presale has already raised over $340K, signaling massive future growth for the project. 

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The presale will undergo ten stages, each concluding with a price surge. Therefore, even if you join the road on the ninth stage, you’ll still gain little profit at the launch. Besides this dynamic price model, DigiToads presale is equipped with generous giveaways and rewards for its early community members. This includes daily and weekly prizes in $1000, $2000 & $5000 batches, and a huge $50,000 grand prize, making a massive $150,000 worth of giveaways in total.

Additionally, the core team has introduced referral competitions. The rules are simple: you refer your friends, AKA paying customers for DigiToads, and each week until April 30th, whoever scores the highest amounts of referrals, is rewarded with $1000.

Notably, the project’s whitepaper does not state any vesting period, meaning investors gain absolute control over their assets when it launches. This means the team is faithful to TOADS’ stable growth and success, and active community engagement further proves that.

Bottom Line

DigiToads presents a unique investment opportunity for those looking to get in on the ground floor of an innovative new project. With its combination of play-to-earn features, deflationary tokenomics, and community-driven incentives, the project has already generated significant buzz. 

With the launch price set to be 450% higher than the current presale price, those who invest now stand to benefit significantly from the expected growth.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community


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