Could Ripple Rally After a Positive SEC Ruling? Comparing Metacade and XRP Price Predictions for 2023-2030.

Could Ripple Rally After a Positive SEC Ruling? Comparing Metacade and XRP Price Predictions for 2023-2030.

The XRP price prediction suffered recently after its parent company, Ripple, was the subject of a high-profile lawsuit with US regulators. However, recent news has come to light that could boost the long-term prospects of Ripple and XRP.

Elsewhere in Web3, Metacades’ (MCADE) announced that it will launch on several digital asset exchanges after seeing major success during the MCADE token presale. Investors are bullish on the future of both XRP and MCADE – but which token is the best buy right now? 

Bullish developments for Ripple and Metacade

Ripple (XRP) has received positive news regarding its ongoing court case with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC filed charges against Ripple in 2020 on the grounds that XRP, the digital asset that was created by Ripple, is an unregistered security as opposed to a cryptocurrency.

Monica Long, president of Ripple, told CNBC that she is “very hopeful” that there will be a positive outcome from the SEC trial later in 2023. The positive news caused a surge in the price of XRP, as the token climbed over 30% in a single day.


The long-term XRP price prediction has improved due to recent rumors. Meanwhile, Metacade continues to make great strides as the project has announced that the MCADE token will be released on UniSwap on 6th April.

Metacade is fresh from a highly successful presale event in which $16.35m was raised from early-stage crypto investors. The UniSwap IDO will be followed by two CEX listings: Bitmart in April and MEXC in early May. 

What is XRP?

XRP is a digital asset that was created by a US-based FinTech company called Ripple Labs. The token was designed to act as a bridge for international transactions, offering a high-speed and low-cost alternative to traditional payment methods.

XRP is built on a decentralized network that is not controlled by any one entity. While it can be used by financial institutions to provide instant liquidity for cross-border transactions, XRP is also the native currency of the XRP Ledger. This decentralized blockchain network can support the development of decentralized applications (dApps).

XRP price prediction: Can XRP reach $1 in 2023?

Any positive outcome from Ripple’s court case with the SEC is widely considered to produce a massive amount of buy pressure for the XRP token. The cryptocurrency has real-world utility, and its network has been adopted by major financial institutions already, including The Bank of England and Santander.

The long-term XRP price prediction places XRP at $4.20 as long as the SEC case reaches a positive conclusion in the near future. In 2023, investors can expect significant price action as the short-term XRP price prediction targets the $1 resistance level.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a comprehensive GameFi platform offering the largest collection of play-to-earn (P2E) arcade games found on the blockchain. While most GameFi platforms offer only a single gameplay experience, Metacade offers a vast selection to gamers alongside generous cryptocurrency reward potential.

Metacade also aims to become a central hub for Web3 users by introducing several unique earning mechanics to the metaverse. The project takes the P2E mechanic to the next level and can serve investors, entrepreneurs, and gamers alike through its broad blockchain offering.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token is used to reward gamers in the metaverse arcade. Token holders can also stake MCADE on the platform to earn a passive yield and vote in governance proposals to help achieve consensus in the community-led project.

The metaverse arcade will offer both casual and competitive gameplay to blockchain gaming enthusiasts. Players can play solo and earn rewards while trying to beat their high score or join paid entry tournaments for the chance to win significant crypto prizes.

Metacade will also reward content creators with community contributions through the Create2Earn feature. This element of the platform will reward users with MCADE tokens as they post game reviews, share alpha, and interact with other community members’ posts.

The project will advertise open positions through a crypto jobs board as part of the Work2Earn feature. Work2Earn will connect blockchain users to paid roles at some of Web3’s hottest start-ups and can even include one-time gigs, such as testing out new P2E games before they are officially released.

Can MCADE reach $0.50 in 2023?

The MCADE token presale has generated significant momentum for the new project, which is expected to produce significant returns from the current price level. MCADE will soon launch on various digital asset exchanges after the presale saw the token’s price rise from $0.008 to $0.02.

By the end of 2023, MCADE is expected to reach the $0.50 price level – a 22x gain from the end of the token presale. Speculators are overwhelmingly bullish about the project’s future prospects, as it has a unique value offering within the GameFi movement and extensive utility for the native token.

MCADE vs. XRP price prediction: Which token is worth buying?

As the SEC trial nears an end, the XRP price prediction could explode over the coming months and years. On the other hand, MCADE is one of the most exciting new projects in the GameFi space, a highly disruptive development for the wider gaming industry.

Both the MCADE and XRP price predictions forecast significant returns from the current price level. Metacade is likely to produce a higher percentage return due to the project being in its early phase. The upcoming exchange listings could be the perfect time to add MCADE to a long-term investment portfolio. 

You can buy Metacade here.

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